Corporate Branding

Our experienced team of in-house designers work around the clock to ensure that, ultimately, we deliver a memorable Cooperate Brand  that grabs the attention of both your current and prospective clients in a special way and sets you apart from your competitors.


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Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Branding is a very important element of your Business and thus, it must be done in such a way that it speaks volumes about your brand, Product and the services offered.

Jasmai Branded vehicles are always eye catching and guaranteed to create a very positive impression

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Full Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding is your most treasured asset to your company and It is therefore paramount that you have a clearly defined brand. From conception to implementation, our goal is to understand where your company stands and where you are going. We work alongside you, incorporating strategic partners when needed, to firmly establish your brand.

We are passionate about your success, we aim to deliver 110% customer satisfaction in corporate image and design to make you stand head and shoulders above your competitors. We go the extra distance to ensure our completed projects exceeds our client’s expectations. Click Here to reach us and let us start your next branding project.

Vehicle Branding

Your fleet is one of your most visible and important marketing tools providing you with large-scale mobile advertising space at no cost. In addition to enhancing you corporate identity through branding, standardization and consistency, branding your fleet  will afford you the opportunity of large-scale brand and product awareness totally rent-free.

We have a team of dedicated and trained staff specializing in design, print and application to ensure that we meet with your standards of service and quality.Our high quality, high-resolution vehicle branding delivers excellent marketing exposure and it is a great marketing tool.



Jasmai Media Solutions Rebranding

Every industry and marketplace goes through a change. If you want to adapt to these changes, you need to make sure that your brand is keeping up with the pace. Companies that have kept the same brand image for years can benefit immensely from Brand refresh and re-branding process.

While it may seem very complicated, the process is typically very fun and engaging and can give your company increased brand awareness and a competitive edge when done right. It helps with elements that have been overlooked and ignored for years. While many companies feel intimidated to start a brand refresh, the reality is that it is an essential part of running a company. Having a strong partner (aka design agency) to help throughout the process is one of the keys of successful brand refreshing. Even the biggest companies in the world have evolved their brand identity to keep up with all the changes in their respective markets. Without re-branding and re-positioning, their competitors would have taken their market share.

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