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We are an innovative website development company  that provides the best full featured, most secure and affordable web solutions to our clients. Our vast  experienced team can develop outstanding online presence that drives sales and promotes your business

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Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration

Jasmai is your perfect choice for your .tz & .com Domain Registration with devoted server optimization for affordable, reliable and secure web hosting. We Have the best customer support and offer amazing features with each hosting plan to ensure your online presence is a success.

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Web Maintenance

  • Keeping your website’s content up to date
  • Maintaining and managing all aspects of your website
  • Securing, back up & protecting your site
  • Restructuring your site’s features, content or navigational structure
  • Including additional information to give your site an extra edge over competitors
  • Internet marketing and SEO maintenance



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Jasmai Media Solution  houses a team of web development experts creating attractive, informative and functional websites that will exceed your expectations and meet your business objectives. We pride ourselves in delivering result driven work, fulfilling web design projects within budgets and given deadlines. Our service is unmatched for quality, design concepts and price.

As a company we believe in providing the best possible customer care service for all of our clients. You’ll also have access to an experienced support team who’ll be happy to give you continued help, even after your website has been launched.


Jasmai Web Designs has gained recognition for providing functional and visually appealing advanced online stores with the most professionally designed layouts. We provides E-Commerce solutions that are customized to maximize usability and functionality using the most proven methods available.

Online store creations by Jasmai are designed based on an in depth understanding of the business operations that drive our client’s organizations. We design online stores and shopping carts that provides the features and options that will best complement your organization’s mission and in turn, customers will enjoy an outstanding experience of your E-commerce website.


Our Web Development Process

We have a standard Web Development process that takes us step by step into delivering a website that you will be proud of.


Recognizing the target audience and defining the true purpose of the web site to ensure client return on investment. By the end of this phase both Mbinu Solutions and client should also possess a clear understanding of the scope of the project. What features and functionlaities should the final solution possess etc..


Creating design prototype. This design usually reflects color themes, imagery, typography; and ideas about the site structure and navigation. The deisgn also illustrates a good deal about the site map, which is basically a high-level diagram of the overall structure of a site.


Jasmai Media Solution Website Design

Enhancing the navigation, layout, and flow of the selected design according to client inputs and usability testing performed by our own specialists. During this phase the design is iteratively refined, detailed, and informally tested. Aspects such as the precise typeface of labels and body text, the exact sizes and appearances of images, and color schemes and palettes are determined. At most cases every single page of the site is not designed, they are splitted into classes of page (such as home page, second level page, etc).


Developing the full web solution, complete with code, contents and images in our local server. Entire codes, graphics, database (if any) and HTML are thoroughly tested, both individually and as whole unit to ensure the web site is working as flawlessly as possible and it is loading at optimum speed. All the content is checked for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Bug and usability testing

Testing the system in a production environment and check if all the functionalities are working as they should. Testing for user friendliness. Client involvement is most intense in this phase who constantly provides inputs if all the features matched his/her expectations.


Implementing the web site in the client hosting server and configuring it.

Web Redesign

Jasmai will Redesign your website to ensure its:-

  • Faster
  • User Friendly
  • Add Original and fresh Content
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Simple and Professional Design
  • Easy & Effective Navigation
  • Compatible on Different Browsers
  • Point of Contact or Feedback form


website-redesign Jasmai media

Are you satisfied with your current website? Does your website meet current web standards? Are your website visitors finding the website user-friendly and easily navigable? Do you sometimes feel embarrassed to send potential clients to your website?  Is your website giving you your return on investment? Is your website more functional than that of your competitors?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then you should redesign your website. The bottom-line is; you need a website design that not only looks good, but sells. Jasmai can help you take your current website to the next level by redesigning it into a high quality website that is search engine friendly and contains rich content.

Jasmai Offers the best Website redesign Tanzania has got. Frequently we encounter people who did their first website under the assumption that websites were an “extra” that might bring in a little extra traffic or make information easier to find. The web is now unquestionably a primary source of information.

The web is ever-changing; this Core Process applies to all design and redesign projects, from the simplest to the most complex. We present the framework for a cohesive web workflow plan that will help you save time, money, and headaches.Design standards have risen, and a website is often the first and most lasting impression someone gets of your company.

jasmai web redesign

A lot of early efforts are causing more harm than good, and companies come to us looking for redesign. Our process begins by looking at what can be salvaged from the old site. We are sympathetic to clients who feel they have time and money invested in the old site even if it no longer meets their requirements. We will look for ways to leverage those elements that are transferable.

Jasmai Media Solution Web Redesign

The website redesign process is similar to the original design process and may involve any or all of the following services:

  •     Website Consultation/Strategic Development
  •     Information Architecture
  •     Content Development/Copywriting
  •     Graphic Design
  •     Backend/Programming
  •     Site Testing


Jasmai emphasizes on high quality, timely delivery and cost effective, best in class unique and creative web designing and internet representation.

We aim to provide advanced and innovative web design and web development of the highest quality for all of our clients.

At Jasmai we have led the charge into the new world of responsive web design. The facts is that mobile browsing has surpassed desktop web browsing, and more (and better) devices are being released almost monthly. It’s no surprise that the industry has had to adapt, and boy have they. Responsive web design has become a critical component for many companies, as Google has gone from encouraging sites to go responsive to downright punishing those that don’t. Most important of all, responsive design is future-proof. Your site’s responsive design not only works across every browsing platform currently available, but for devices that have yet to be invented. The future of browsing is now.

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