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CD cover plays a vital role as it is what gets a person’s attention in the first place. At Jasmai All we Design and print CD Label and CD Covers with exceptional quality. all our covers are printed in high definition full colour to 260gsm quality gloss paper while the disc label are printed 2-up on high quality bond self-adhesive paper.

with jasmai exquisite designs team, and our  exceptional printing machinery,we can make your CD and CD cover designing project a massive success

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Jasmai has a team of professionals, well trained and experienced  designers who can create a custom CD Label and CD Cover Design that suits you perfectly and reflect your business identity. Our graphic designers are highly qualified, with over nine (9) years of combined experience. They understand good design principles, have extensive pre-press knowledge and  more importantly, they create designs that functions best to your needs and requirements in ensuring your CD Label and CD Cover Design project is a success

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