Flyer is a very powerful tool in an organizations marketing strategy. A flyer is normally the first in line in organization’s marketing budget alongside other marketing and information disseminations tools such as brochure and poster. it is a handy material that can be produced on a low-budget and it is used to pass quick information to reach a wide market.

Whether they are handed out on the street or posted through doors, they are a great way to get your name out there. At Jasmai, we offer high quality Flyers with full color offset printing on multiple premium paper stock option.

An appeal in design is crucial for the success of a flyer project. A flyer must be able to sell itself, stand out among the crowd and sustain the intended function and span of life. Various design elements and formatting can increase engagement, lift conversions, and ultimately boost profitability. Here at Jasmai, we have experienced and professional designers who would work with you hand in hand with you to ensure that your flyer printing experience is a massive success

Flyer Printing Specification

Key Specifications:

  • Mini, A6, DL, A5 & A4 sizes available
  • Single or double sided full colour Digital & Offset printing
  • Completed within 1-2 working days
  • multiple premium paper stock option available
  • High quality printing guaranteed

Flyer Designing

In order for a flyer to be operative, it needs to be visually attractive and communicate a clear message. It must speak its purpose and object straight and clear with a minimum of fuss and pretensions.

Jasmai flyers can have a big impact on your business growth and/or on how your campaigns perform. We have Professional and vastly Experience Team of designers who will work hand-in-hand with your staff to present each of your goods or services in an exciting and unforgettable layout. Contact us now, we are always at your service and we can work with you to ensure your objective are sufficiently archived in your business or campaign.

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Our Customer Support team is a great bunch of friendly, knowledgeable, outgoing pros, on alert around the clock. They love to help out, so call anytime you’ve got a question or an issue with your Flyer Designing or Printing  Project

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