Mouse Mat Printing

Personalized Mouse Mats are a great way to promote and showcase your business in an elegant fashion. We at Jasmai design and do full colour printing available in a selection of popular sizes and will look great on any desk.

Branded mouse Mats stand out and help you gain brand recognition since they illustrate your business and contact details to customers every single day. Visualize the soft-ish rubbery bottomed feel of a mouse pad; one that allows your mouse laser to track on easily and more accurately.

Mouse Mat Printing Specification

  • Key Specifications:
    • Printed texts and/or High quality/ high resolution images
    • Rectangular, Square, Round shaped
    • Single sided full colour printing of your choice
    • Backed with a 3mm foam rubber base
    • Sealed with a textured, mark resistant and wipe clean surface
    • Extremely durable
    • excellent mouse tracking
    • elegant & classic look

Mouse Mat Designing

Don’t have a ready-made design yet? Should you require some assistance? Worry out, we at Jasmai have a team of experienced and professional designers who can help you create the perfect personalized design from start to finish or just add an extra spark and spicy  to your already made design to ensure that it leaves an everlasting imprison. We offer an affordable and reliable design prices and we promise to make all necessary adjustment till your utility is maximized to the fullest.

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Our Customer Support team is a great bunch of friendly, knowledgeable, outgoing pros, on alert around the clock. They love to help out, so call anytime you’ve got a question or an issue with your mouth mat Printing project

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