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We Design & Print neat and modern NCR (No Carbon Required) Receipts, delivery Note, invoice, Petty Cash and sheets of the like with great quality andbest price in town

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NCR paper (No Carbon Required) which means there is no need for the outdated untidy blue carbon paper for your office.

At Jasmai, we produce NCR Pads, NCR Books and Loose NCR Sets

NCR Pads: these are glued into sets and there after glued again into pads. Each used set must be removed before you can tear away the next set, this means you cannot leave any of the duplicates in the pad for your records, they would need to be detached and stored elsewhere if required.

NCR books: Jasmai also offer NCR Books which are stapled, spine taped and perforated; this means you can detach duplicates that need to be removed and also leave duplicates in the book for your records.

Loose Sets; we also supply NCR loose pads, these are glued into sets and supplied loose.


Our Pads are tailored to your exact needs, printed with any design of your choice and are commonly used as Order Pads, Invoice Pads, Delivery Note pads , Proforma pads or Receipt Pads.

we offer A5 and A4 NCR Pads which are both available with a choice of 2 part (duplicate), 3 part (triplicate) or 4 part sets (quadruplicate) with single colour print to all parts.

Each pad comprises 50 sets and our standard paper colourway is White (top copy), Yellow (2nd part), Pink (3rd part) and Green (4th part). You may also specify your own colourway that suits your needs as well.

NCR Pad Printing Specification

    • A5 & A4 sizes available
    • Single or double sided print to all parts
    • Single colour print
    • 50 sets per pad
    • Glued on the long or short edge
    • Sequentialy Numbered
    • No messy blue carbon paper required

Also Available on special order:

    • Perforation
    •  Drilled holes
    •  Wrap around covers
    • Books or Loose Sets
    • 2, 3 or full colour printing

Designing NCR Pads

Typically, a NCR design will incorporate a logo, contact details, VAT and TIN numbers, a form or table of some kind and an area for a customer signature, some also have terms and conditions printed to the reverse. They are suitable for any purpose whereby an instant duplicate copy of the document is required.

At Jasmai, we have in-house NCR pads designing team of specialist and experienced professionals for stylish and sophisticated NCR pads designs that sets you apart from other ordinary Designs. Let’s us work hand in hand with you in designing elegant NCR pads to its smallest details and wordings to ensure that your NCR pad printing is a massive success at a very affordable rate.

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